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    November 2, 2013
    6:00 - 6:31am PDT  

public process because of the face timeline. that's disingenuous. you mentioned my office has been in touch since late of last year that's correct but i have e-mail transitions saying quote we're interested and all the documentation that charley mentioned in order to sponsor in and to introduce this. i'm asking for supporting documents and this is dated in november 6th of 2012. there's very little conversation. the last time i heard about this was when the mayor speak about in january of 2013. i wanted to acknowledge that you yourself invited a site at mother brown's kitchen and noticed people were sleeping in chairs is that a cause for
concern is that listed as an opportunity for a violation to be written up or did you ignore it >> it's not my job to write up those things nor am i aware of the codes of sleeping in chairs or what the codes are for occupancy. >> this is a non-residential occupancy so sleeping in chairs is not acceptable. has the department done an evaluation >> be more specific that were you point to the homeless count by the way, have we evaluated
the other sites. >> supervisor there's only one shelter in the bayview and it's not a 24 shelter. it's on the floor of the church with mats where folks put their stuff in herself i didn't bags and leave in the morning. there's 12 hundred and 74 people on the streets >> have others provided temporary beds for this location. >> no, this pro dense can you be half-dozen years ago. >> that's the processing process for managing the shelters. >> we'll draft proposals that will lay out of the proposals and we'll solicit from nonprofit agencies their description of what they hope to provide the budget and staffing pattern and we'll convene a panel of
independent folks based criteria. was the criteria >> we have not depend the criteria but it will be reasonableness of the budget and reasonableness of the staff patterns. effectiveness of the organizations in terms of the whole in terms of their fiscal history >> okay. next question what's the total grant. >> the total entrant will be sufficient to convert the bare bones house into a shelter. it also includes some improvements to the drop in shelter >> what are those improvements. >> i don't know. i guess bathroom upgrades and a door. >> so it seems like. >> i'm. >> there's not a lot of
uncertainty. >> i have a colleague here to answer but we have an external door for folks. and how do you plan to pay for the total costs of this shelter i mean, the 978 is for the build out >> sure it's been in the budget was it introduced this year? or last year? >> this year. >> yeah, it's our currency your current 13, fourteen budget. >> t is this allocation for the next 2 years or 10 years. >> the board can't bloating this. >> thank you, supervisor cowen as a director stated this
funding is allocated in the 13, fourteen budget it's precipitate $500,000. and we will need to - if the shelter does open we'll need to allocate those additionally fund or same fund in fiscal year fourteen, 15 and have you identified any particular funding to pay for this >> the general fund is proposed to pay for this. >> do you have any idea what it costs on an annual basis for the beds. >> it's about $500,000. >> for a year? >> yes. >> i trust that the director of human services agency has that information i'll be happy to work with him to confirm those numbers if that's helpful to you supervisor. >> it based on on the proposals
and the state and federal issues. what types of partnerships we can develop with nonprofits it could be a wide range but we feel comfortable that $500,000 will get us the services we want it's important to know we fund the drop in services and those services will be available for folks so if folks are sleeping next door they can go next door and get their supplies speaker so the per shelter costs it's less expensive than the full shelter in the south that provides meals and laundry >> i saw in the grant proposal there will be two meals offered and showers. >> showers for sure. >> can i see that file?
you know what was you applied to use? >> yeah, so we're not building a kitchen at the shelter we're leveraging the kitchen and the excellent food they provide. >> okay. what was the community - well, actually what was the community process that the agency completed but you already - >> yeah. i recognize that the idea we didn't have one. >> is the department willing to discuss alternative sites. >> absolutely but what we with see now and the need in the bayview and really sort of the ideal nature of this site where it's located next to the drop in
site helps to the evidence will then show the money and the build out is one that's an existing shell. i know we looked at the potential for the key department of real estate to see what else we could locate it. a the grant is for the specific site so we'll probably have to forego the grant and apply again and second the stand alone costs are more. >> i understand this particular site is economic for the city but i'm asking you to consider what's in the best interest of the neighborhood not what makes fiscal citizens pr so if we
could forego this location we should explore that. >> i hear you supervisor there are other factors other than the community. there's the conditions that folks are seeing every night. there's the urgent need for this when you had folks sleeping on chairs and not on the street >> i understand that. >> we have a track record of working whether it's the polk street merchants or the cap association for our drop in center or folks near gone we've worked to develop programs and services that aren't a negative
impact to the neighborhood by assets you're going to see folks who don't have to wake up at the 7 o'clock in the morning. from envy view this is sincerely a win for bayview residents and it's a win for the residents that are in the surrounding areas >> okay. well from my view i think there should be more public discussion around that. i don't believe that the liquidation the site that you've selected is healthy. we're tubing their grow house owe liquor store friendly liquor store has had in the years 2012 to 13 they've had calls to do police departments. and also want to recognize that
- well, i'm going to stop there. they talk about the intoifr environment we're going to be introducing. the sheltering people in. if the crux of my point is not we don't want them. the crux is that the public process was circumvented and i believe that through the public process we can come together residents, businesses as well as service provides and the city to come up with the location that we can all agree upon. another question i take it unclear to me what type of homeless shelters like lgbt or single men or men, women, and children there are been no discussion around that.
that would add color to the conversation >> with all due respect there's been discussion with sexual orientation it's open to all ethic folks and to creating the homeless are already there. we're trying to address the problem were there homeless there who have no where to go so at the go to the bathroom on the sidewalk or they're hanging out because they have no alternative by providing the 24 services we
address those needs. we have a accidental populated area we have a tremendous relationship with the businesses. if i drive by there you don't know it's a homeless shelter is that an all dealership it's a 3 hundred bed - it's a 1 hundred beds. we're not even going out open the perimeter. i understand and i say that the process was nonexistent and i wish we could have have had a public discussion. we're committed to establishing a committee meeting and i'm confident by the at the end e end of the day we'll have
shelters that will provide beds for hundreds of men, women, and children who are currently homeless in the bayview. >> i want to reiterate my position here. my position is we're not having an appetite this site is not the most appropriate site that's where we are fundamentally disagreeing. i'm not saying no shelter not in bayview. what i'm saying and i don't want you to call me and say i'm anti homeless i'm saying that 21 jen's is not the most appropriate location for a mile-an-hour rad reasons that i highlighted in my comments about zoning and egress and ingress and transportation.
there's many issues at play. i'm looking to have a dialog on others locations that we can consider to house the homeless population. i want you to know upon your suggestion took a tour of several homeless shelters and was very impressed with clean and it was great it was well organized and i encourage other residents of the southeast to experiencing the same thing also to take an opportunity to invest mother brown's kitchen and it definitely fills a need we have >> supervisor thanks four e for your comments. we may agree to disagree where
the location but the concerns can be 3450ig9d what a good discussion. one of the alternatives we looked at what far from any transportation so in the end we may agree to disagree. i'm committed to work with the community for the best services for the homeless folks >> mr. chair one last thing i have a stack of letters i want to call the public's attention to. this doesn't represent you-all all my concerns there are letters from constituents and i recognize them for engaging. mr. chair thank you >> supervisor mar anything
else. >> in visiting next door i notice that some folks hang out on the south but there's not that many. i know there are a lot of former vets but what does staff do to make sure that they don't become a nuisance to other folks in the neighborhood >> we have either security or sometimes, it's staff that walk the perimeter of the facilities. when i go to polk you see a couple of folks outside smoking but we don't allow folks whether their sheltered or non-sheltered resident to loiter and congrats outside there's gary and polk street >> both of those two shelters
have 3 hundred or 4 hundred people. >> i think there are 480 and a 380. >> so the star community home that's run by catholic community is smaller but it helps people to hopefully get back on their feet in an area that's normal listing for mothers and children but it's not good to chairs people far away. you try the best you can too make sure that the businesses and neighbors around is it are not obeying being negatively impacted >> that's true. >> okay. colleagues any questions. >> any other presentation? i have one but we can if there's niagara nothing to add move to
public comment. >> i have a number of speaker cards i'll call them 5 at that time. everyone will have 2 minutes to speak (calling names) >> thank you supervisors. for having this hearing. public comment and some of the things that supervisor cowen said. number one i was the one that went to trent because our clients that sit up in chairs all night they sit up and watch tv with the lights on since we were fined for that.
but their legs are swollen and their hearts are bidding bad they're dying in the street they're running to general hospital. i don't want all the political stuff to come about i looked at it in a compassion at form i saw the i people dying on the street in martin luther king park i think 6 people died in that park we i realized we had to do something. public comment and support we have petitions go out. there was 2 thousand people who supported having that shelter there. bayview their crime in bayview friendly liquor store is not in our area you can check with the police department. our staff has been robbed at gun point it wasn't by a homeless
person crime happens in bayview it's not from the homeless community at all. i know my time is up. please support this. our folks in the shelter and drop in service need a place to rest. increase no crime there we're doing everything possibly to move people from homelessness to housing. it's a hard process for them and us. thank you >> thank you and again, if we could hold our applause. if there's any handicap or folks who need to come forward, please do. if we could have the next speaker please. no, no i'll call the names g but
g if there's handicapped or elderly he folks who need to speak >> good morning. i live at the 5900 third street from martin luther king park. i'm going to talk about a little bit nobody has mentioned including supervisor cowen and - nobody has mentioned martin luther king pool and the park. the first mention was this woman here and there are homeless there all the time and kids that play in that park. i think adding one hundred more homeless people in that neighborhood is not a good idea for the children. i'm here as a concerned resident
from the bayview neighborhood to ask the committee to strip the fund for the neighborhood before you. the bayview already carries more than it's share of the burn in helping the homeless and this homeless warehouse will be blocks from one of the only blocks and pun pool in the neighborhood. the bayview needs to attract gorgeous and not new poverty. we need a living wage for the people who live here. internal revenue a carpenter here for over 20 years oh, binge get the hook. i live in san francisco since 1999 and bought in the bayview because it's a great working-class neighborhood and has a diverse population, please don't help to sing this
(clapping) >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm mary i'm a resident of bayview. i live here. i've been here for a little bit more than a year. i started hearing about the plans for this shelter in the early spring and right about that time we got an e-mail from supervisor cowen. saying that the shelter was going to be put on hold until the concerns and questions raised by many neighbors was addressed i thought the process was working well. but since then a few weeks ago i heard the plan is going forward. i don't know that any questions or concerns have been addressed.
and so i guess my main question is about this issue since i'm new to the neighborhood is the question of progress. even though i didn't share some of the concerns i would obtain to this. there's an openness to dialog but i feel liquor every time i hear that i hear something about the dialog and it doesn't go anywhere. i want to ask the proposal not 0 to go forward. thank you for listening >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is david i live in the city. my two businesses are both
condemn companies. they employ 40 and are located from the proposed shelter. i'm supported by thirty other neighborhood businesses ploy people. awhile there are many objections i'll focus on 3 the city sense of the loan is probably illegal. it was not legal in hollywood to accept concern environmental projects. number 2 the financial irresponsible for the board to accept this loan it's certainly not able to go forward. number 3 the proposed location is no residential uses allowed. it's mixed housing and it's not
okay. why locate a homeless shelter near commercial industry. we'll fight against this legally and administratively if we have to. please don't accept this loan. thank you and a >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> ail i'm sammy i'm a resident. my two objections to this legislative proposal is from the methodology the justification for creating a homeless shelter in the first place. they did a survey bans who appeared homeless it's a bunch of interviews who say who is homeless. i am speaking personally when i
talk i walk through the attained i see a lot of antidoteal evidence on whatever people are homeless. this is in the an actual count that didn't take into account who looks homeless. the bayview neighborhood is historically the brunt of neglect and discretion and this whole lack of progress just is the disrespect to the community. i ask you not to approve that. i'll reiterate what supervisor cowen said their need to be a dialog.
>> thank you. next speaker, please and as this next speaker come forward i'll call more names. >> ma'am, can you give me one second i'll call other speaker cards - (calling names) okay. thank you very much. >> i repeat good afternoon to the board members and everyone that assembled here. i'm elated i'll constitutional because i'm full of tears. it's hard to building to stand here to know this is mother brown's place is under attack. let me give you some history. in the tenderloin some years ago when feeding was not heard of all those churches. mothers brown's was feeding people on the street.
that's how i met mother brown pr she had a station wagon. she said miss do i want something to eat and i said no that were she said my food is clean and fresh and hot. i said let me help you. that's where i met mother brown. it was later than never knowing one day i would walk up the stairs on germans street where the establishing the mother brown. i'm honored to say i'm there are purify i was sitting in a chair and save and secure i'm off the streets. i was mugged across the street i don't have an id. that